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Thomas Inman
A+ Microsoft Certified Professional

Have a small office with computers, and wish you had a dedicated IT Department to handle all your computer needs?  Who are you going to call next time something bad happens?  Who can you trust with your computer's critical files, sensitive emails, irreplaceable pictures, and mission critical software applications?

Wouldn't it be nice to have access to one person that you could depend on to handle your computer issues as they come up?  Well, you can call me Tom, and I'm here as your resource to call upon for answers and solutions that can keep you working smoothly, year after year.

  • No more wasted hours calling faceless overseas tech support lines.
  • No more frustration with getting transferred from one department to another.
  • No more hassles trying to figure out pesky computer problems on your own.
  • No more getting stressed out when something isn't working properly!

You don't have to GO IT ALONE anymore!  Now you have direct access to me, and you can relax knowing I'm in your corner taking care of things the way YOU want them done.

  • Email not working all of a sudden?  Did you get a virus?  I solve Email issues! 
  • Need your Wireless Network configured for properly?  I've got you covered.
  • Need to transfer your files and applications to a new computer.  Consider it done.
  • Computer acting crazy slow!?  I can breath new life into that bleeping computer, and extend it's life so you don't necessarily have to buy a new one before you're ready.

I provide a 'Done For You' computer service designed from the ground up to simplify your life, so you can get back to focusing on what YOU do best.

  • You don't have to be a 'computer expert' to get professional results that work.
  • No question is too small, or too complicated.  I will 'meet you where you are', so to speak, and I will stick with you until YOU'RE satisfied with the result.
  • I can give you simple, yet effective technology solutions that you can use right away, all the while sparing you all the mind-numbing technical jargon and sparing your budget.

I am here for you.  So, call or email me today, and let's get started.

"Tom is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the computer world. We have been using his company for over 3 years and would highly recommend him. We would be lost without his expertise, professionalism, punctuality, and efficiency. Thank-You Tom, we appreciate your hard work, your reasonable rates and your guidance for the technically challenged.

Rick & Rosemary Trudeau"
- Shades of Rose Painting, Inc.

Click here to connect to Remote Helpdesk NOW!
Remote Helpdesk is a service that temporarily connects your system to mine, allowing me to see your screen to discuss your computer's problems privately over the phone. It's just like having me by your side, without the expense of an on-site visit.
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